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 Dream Land : 

Using idea from the well known Lorna Bailey style, this ostrich egg has been totally hand painted, although the back design been more of mine. It opens to a  "pre Alps" scene with sheep and trees, the long brass and wood stand give volume to this interesting subject. (musical)

Price : sold

Les chevaux :

An other lovely open scene of horses on a mountain slop. the egg itself is hand painted using ideas from Lorna Bailey's painting.

Price : sold

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Les Danseuses :

The idea came to me looking at some of the fascinating English building of the Victorian time.

the egg is painted is copper colour using gold and white braids as well as pearls and filigrees. All the inside is white with angel dust accentuating the ceiling made of Plaster of Paris . the stand in brass and mother of pearl enhance this design giving a sense of majesty, purity and refinement. (musical)

Price : 440)

Les amoureux :

Very attractive ostrich egg painted in an old rose, the back is cut in a "fleur de Lis" style. the front door open to a sky blue inside with two doves kissing each other. Quite romantic , and very peaceful.

Price :  220


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Africa :

On the top of a wood and brass stand, this carved egg is a real beauty in itself. the carved elephant is painted giving a sense of movement and surrounded with gold leaves, in the back a carved tree simple but lively finish this decor, 

Price :sold


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