Half Ostrich

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La Bergère :

A grotto effect has been built up around the lady and the animals, the all standing on a piece of granite. the back is of midnight blue paint with gold and pearl,

Price :   280€)

GROTTE BLEU SIDE.jpg (215279 bytes) GROTTE BLEU FRONT 2.jpg (243029 bytes) GROTTE BLEU SIDE 2.jpg (207125 bytes)

GROTTE JAUNE BACK.jpg (167453 bytes) GROTTE JAUNE.jpg (282185 bytes)

La Violoniste :

The outside of the egg standing on a rock is kept quite plane, painted in midnight blue colour enhanced with lace.

The front give an effect of a grotto made in Plaster of Paris painted yellow with angel dust .

price : 280€

Le Nids :

Quite dramatic scene of an eagle ready to leave the mountain slop. The egg is painted with a mauve glass paint and finished with gold braid. All is kept net and simple as to not distract us for the subject made of Plaster of Paris moss and the statue itself.

Price :  sold

aigle side 1.jpg (215914 bytes) aigle front.jpg (257564 bytes) aigle side 2.jpg (223492 bytes)

Le Voilier :

Using half ostrich egg painted in blue glass paint with lacing at the back, this egg transport us to an other world of wonder and discoveries, the sea motion was made using Plaster of Paris. .All was hand painted.

Price : sold

ost boat front 3.jpg (232401 bytes) ost boat back.jpg (224255 bytes)

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