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petitchat.jpg (50308 bytes)

Le Chat :

Royal blue painted egg with side window and two small sky blue cats sitting on them, inside a little statue  of a grey cat in a garden.

Price : 76€)

Le Chien :

Using green paint gold and green braid and beads, this decoration is very effective, it opens on a scene surrounding a small dog.

Price : (50€)

Scotty.jpg (53856 bytes)

beefeateregg.jpg (183190 bytes)

Beefeater :

The outside of this egg is with gold filigrees, and  pearl on black back ground, in the white inside stands a guard of the London tower. (musical)

Price :

La Dame Au Papillon :

This  is a variant from Linda Martin's design , very much liked by all.

Price : sold 

Butterflyeggbck.jpg (71502 bytes) Butterflyeggfnt.jpg (57149 bytes)

FLEUR GRISE BACK.jpg (152338 bytes) FLEUR GRIS OPEN.jpg (215984 bytes) FLEUR GRISE FRONT.jpg (189679 bytes)

La Fleur Grise :

A novelty using silk petal in and out of the egg with gold paint . When open, a small rabbit  appears through the petals.

Price : 110€

Pιtale De Rose :

An other flower made with white and rose silk petals, when open a little ballerina offers her smile to you. Price :  110€

FLEUR ROSE FRONT 2.jpg (211382 bytes) FLEUR ROSE OPEN.jpg (209677 bytes) FLEUR ROSE FRONT.jpg (149257 bytes)

blue flower open wide.jpg (223345 bytes) blue fower front.jpg (196144 bytes) blue flower open.jpg (205843 bytes)

Le Lis Bleu :

Very attractive flower egg with the veins appearing on the different  shades of bleu petals and the leaves.

inside a small otter stand facing you.

Price : 110€

20's Feeling :

All the outside is painted in black using gold, filigree and porcelain roses. The inside is gold painted revealing a very stylish "danseuse".

Price : 65€

egg black open.jpg (238753 bytes) egg black.jpg (181056 bytes) egg black open back.jpg (195059 bytes)

FRUIT BASKET OPEN.jpg (188441 bytes) FRUIT BASKET FRONT.jpg (191479 bytes) FRUIT BASKET CLOSE UP.jpg (211869 bytes)

La Corbeille de Fruits :

Dark turquoise box with transfers, gold leaves and gold Braids. In the orange inside, a basket of fruits in Bohemian crystal offer itself to you.

Price :85€


Marble effect green decoration and gold braid, inside a Disney feeling is given. (musical)

Price : 65 €

GREEN GOLD BOX FRONT.jpg (190445 bytes) GREEN GOLD BOX CLOSE UP.jpg (281806 bytes)

GOLD BRUN BOX.jpg (210489 bytes) GOLD BRUN BOX TOP.jpg (205376 bytes) GOLD BRUN BOX OPEN.jpg (262128 bytes)

La Rose Rouge :

Richly decorated box with brown, gold and leaves arrangement, inside a large red rose feels the interior of the egg.

Price : 100€

La Rose Blanche:

Using all shades of red to create a marble effect, this box is very attractive, rich and delicate at the same time, inside a clean white rose stand with red rhinestone .

Price :  65 €

RED BOX FRONT.jpg (195416 bytes) RED BOX OPEN.jpg (199833 bytes) RED BOX TOP.jpg (195144 bytes)

llapins    front.jpg (189006 bytes) lapin back.jpg (197109 bytes) lapin  side.jpg (197851 bytes)

Les Lapins :

A charming scenery of little rabbit on a swing, for the young in heart .

Price : 60 €


A very attractive box with an unusual back window shape, the white inside contain a small mouse.

Price : 75 €


MOUSE EGG BACK.jpg (194074 bytes) MOUSE EGG OPEN.jpg (236938 bytes) MOUSE EGG FRONT.jpg (186837 bytes)

wed silk back.jpg (195815 bytes) wed silk side.jpg (197911 bytes) wed silk front.jpg (195784 bytes)

Wedding Egg :

This egg has been covered with a white silk cloth and lace. Very classic soft and precious feeling   "emane" from this decoration.

Price : sold

Les Mariιs :

Although the cut itself is very simple, the decoration has been made using plaster of Paris which make this egg quite unique.

Price : sold


WED PORCELAINE SIDE 2.jpg (137204 bytes) WED PORCELAINE 1.jpg (131584 bytes) WED PORCELAINE SIDE1.jpg (141671 bytes)

white xvi back 2.jpg (87308 bytes) cream xvi open eggPIC00038.jpg (224737 bytes)   white xvi  front.jpg (132889 bytes)

Le Couple :

Very classic giving a sense a Louis XVI's  touch, this egg is in off white with a transfer  ribbon and pearl.

Inside a couple of  hand painted "danseurs" worms your heart. Price : 110€

La Dame et la Licorne :

Goose box in old fashion pink and porcelain roses on the outside. A lady and a Licorne face each other inside. (musical)

Price : sold

 LADY&LICORNE 3.jpg (629468 bytes) LADY& LICORNE 1.jpg (665594 bytes) LADY&LICORNE 2.jpg (634116 bytes)

RED LADY BOX FRONT.jpg (197627 bytes) RED LADY OPEN 2.jpg (247859 bytes) RED LADY BACK.jpg (186170 bytes)

La Dame  ΰ la Robe Rouge :

Similar design to the one above , the inside is vivid red with a lady in red dress, a spectacular contrast between the in and outside.

Price : 110€

 The Dolphin Egg :

Something different, new, unusual, all the egg has been paste with Plaster of Paris giving a feeling of sea, waves/a sense of  movement, and colours. Inside, a dolphin seems to jump out of the "coffret".

Price : sold


dolphin front 2.jpg (207901 bytes) dolphin open.jpg (218792 bytes)


dofin back.jpg (202526 bytes) dofin front 2.jpg (197254 bytes) dofin side.jpg (205282 bytes)

Team Work :

This wavy cut sky blue egg with a eye drop back opening where allowing to see the back of the scene is very stacking. The dolphins scene is amplified by the plane angle dust back ground and the sea horses stand.

Price : 110€

Modern is Beautiful :

The all egg has been covered with a "degrade" of blues and white & amplified 24carat gold paint.

The hand painted egg is simply beautiful.

Price :  65 €

modern 1.jpg (199877 bytes) modern 2.jpg (205695 bytes)


ARIANE EGG 1.jpg (618152 bytes) ARIANE EGG 2.jpg (625273 bytes) ARIANE EGG 3.jpg (611707 bytes)

L'oeuf Ariane :

Open cut goose egg covered with satin and gold embroidery. The inside is left white with angel dust, filigrees and garnet stone, inside the little statues have been painted with white and gold paint. 

Price : sold

La petite fille : 

The goose egg was sponged with glass paint, allowing us to see the bird scene transfer. The off yellow inside with angle dust filigrees and gold and pink braid surround the little girl. A lovely birthday present .(musical)

Price : sold

DAD'S EGG 1.jpg (633367 bytes) DAD'S EGG 3.jpg (685712 bytes)

BATEAU MUM 1.jpg (637681 bytes) BATEAU MUM 2.jpg (633834 bytes)

L'Oeuf Bretagne :

This goose egg has been covered with black velvet and filigrees on the outside. The lead is fix, painted, giving an effect of sky to the back ground. Inside a ship complete the scene, surrounded with jade black and crystal rhinestones.

Price : sold

La Dame et la Licorne :

Goose box in old fashion pink and porcelain roses on the outside. A lady and a Licorne face each other inside. (musical)

Price : sold

 LADY&LICORNE 3.jpg (629468 bytes) LADY& LICORNE 1.jpg (665594 bytes) LADY&LICORNE 2.jpg (634116 bytes)

                   OEUFTU~1.JPG (6928 bytes)

Le Musicien ;

Tulip shaped Goose egg, cut with three petals painted deep green on the outside and pistachio colour on the inside with angel dust. On this egg, filigrees and emerald colour stones were used. (When open a back ground of classical music welcome us)).

Price : sold

Mezuzah :

 Double yoke goose egg, sponged with 7 different colours from tip to centre,  (midnight blue to white). This egg was design following the traditional sepharad/sorfit design with menorah, star of, David etc. A small door is made for a blessing scroll do be stored. Very intricate work of art, having to follow specific rules. sets of colours, Numbers etc. It is  fantastic to see when finished.

Price : (I do not sale them am afraid)

       GREEN BOX FRONT.jpg (198646 bytes)       GREEN BOX OPEN.jpg (232666 bytes) GREEN BOX TOP.jpg (191088 bytes)

Lily Box :

Marble effect green and blue egg with gold, with a white lily inside.

Price : 65 €


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