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Beauté Japonaise :

One of the first Japanese scene that I made all hand painted .(musical)

Price : sold




Blue Mystery : 

This sky blue design still on Japanese idea is actually a mixture of Celtic curving and Asian outlook. The inside is a light green covered with bleu reflected angel dust the all framed with gold leaves and sky rhinestones.

Price :  110€



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Vue Asiatique :

Three opening yellow and green egg using porcelain roses green beads and rhinestones, inside a Japanese scene offer itself to your glance

Price :  45 €

La Japonaise :

An off white painted egg, using gold, black & red braids and picot as well as gold beads and dog mesh. three sided lotus leaves open before you to reveal a beautiful hand painted Japanese lady. A very delicate effect, giving a sense a class, purity, and peace.

Price :sold

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Japanese scene :

The all cutting has been done around the pagoda which is the centre piece of this egg, white and gold braid surround the contour of the cuts of this orange and yellow painted egg. Usage of rhinestones filigrees and clear beads complete this design.

Price : 70 €

Geisha House :

This spice red egg and black and gold picot braid is vary attractive, mesh  is used to dress the windows, inside the Geisha stand in a welcoming way .

Price : sold

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JAPAN GREEN FRONT.jpg (199076 bytes) JAPAN GREEN OPEN.jpg (205173 bytes) JAPAN GREEN BACK.jpg (184751 bytes)

Le Couple Japonais :

A very stylised light green egg using  green and silver braid, the stand as well as the curved cut and braid feelings are more Celt than Japanese , the inside has been designed as a mountainous scene in Plaster of Paris with pagoda in the centre.

Price :  110€


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