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King Fisher Box :

Unicorne stand supporting a violet painted box decorated with porcelain stones and gold, when open, it reveals a King Fisher standing on a branch in an angel dust effect in mauve colour.

Price : 65

Falcon Cage :

Cutting done around a leaf and flower background  in a form of a cage , the inside is sand colour with angel dust. the falcon stand on a wood box surrounded with leaves and flowers. a very gentile and peaceful effect.

Price : 75

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King Fisher Cage :

Similar to the falcon cage but the inside is blue and  flower design on the outside is made using more flowers. 

Price : 115

Humming Bird  Egg :

This egg is all hand painted around the front and back hamming birds. on a front a door reveals a small bird surrounded with moss 

Price : 110


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The outside is turquoise with gold leaves and white braid.

The yellow inside contain a Bullfinch statuette standing on a rock.

Price : 65

The Robin Egg :

Similar to the humming bird egg , the painting is rich in colours giving an over all filling of peaceful countryside.

Price :110

PAINTED RED BIRD BACK.jpg (192334 bytes) PAINTED RED BIRD OPEN 2.jpg (199192 bytes) PAINTED RED BIRD FRONT.jpg (196723 bytes)

      GLASS BOX FRONT.jpg (189859 bytes) GLASS BOX OPEN.jpg (203183 bytes)

Boite aux Oiseaux :

This egg was painted with stain glass paint which gives a lovely see through effect, inside a little blue bird stand on a branch.

Price : 50

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