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Merveille En Cristal:

An "arabesque" of crystal and gold on the outside, with a Bohemian crystal & 24 carat gold swan in a white  and shiny  inside back ground. (musical)

Price : sold

Rose casket :

Using silk roses, old white & gold braid, this jewellery  box would be suitable to offer small presents to a loved one. (musical)

Price :   110E )

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Boite à Bijoux :

Using gold beads, ribbon, and gold braid, this cut box give a sense of beauty and refinement, when open a ring can be display which coud make this "boitier" a very spécial present.

Price : sold

Le Réveil Rouge :

This is a very attractive and useful egg one to be in a prime position in a living room, the back opens to a small scene of birds around a pond.

Price : 130€

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Le Réveil Bleu :

This midnight blue and gold clock has a classic French touch, inside a little bird stands behind the close door.

Price :  129€

Les Amoureux :

Box gold base, and top hand painted in  a marble effect using feathers, inside two lovely children hold each others hands.

Price : 50 €


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BOX LOUIS OPEN.jpg (261650 bytes)BOX LOUIS TOP.jpg (172447 bytes)BOX LOUIS 1.jpg (117224 bytes)

Coffret Louis XVI:

Box in blue with renaissance transfer on the top surrounded with gold braids, The inside has been made looking like a grotto and moss setting for a fairy and a horse on a bed of flower. (musical)

Price : Sold

La Rose Rouge :

Richly decorated box with brown, gold and leaves arrangement, inside a large red rose feels the interior of the egg.

Price : 106€


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