Goose double Yoke

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"One in Two" Egg :

This double yoke goose egg is painted in a metallic finish move using rhinestones and gold, as well as transfer, inside a pigeon egg decorated white rhinestone and gold can be turned like a carrousel.

Price :152,45€

PIGEON GOOSE SIDE.jpg (235801 bytes) PIGEON GOOSE CLOSE UP.jpg (280248 bytes) PIGEON GOOSE FRONT.jpg (228293 bytes)

ROYAL BLUE FRONT.jpg (227994 bytes) ROYAL BLUE OPEN.jpg (222803 bytes) ROYAL BLUE BACK.jpg (216245 bytes)

L'Oeuf Royal :

An other double yoke goose egg painted in French Blue and decorated with gold filigrees.

the front opens to a fairy scene surrounding a globe made with an African Grey Egg parrot.

Price : 160.€

La cage à Fée:

Lavender double yoke goose egg with porcelain roses and gold leaves on the outside. The  old fashioned pink inside with angle dust complete the fairy scene.

Price : sold

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Délicatesse :

Double yoke goose egg in off white back ground on olive wood stand. a very attractive design, refined and a pleasure to do .

Price : sold       

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