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Thanks for coming to the site, I hope that you will enjoy every minute of it.  I know that many of you will do some very different designs and if this site was a source of ideas for 

After 15 years in this craft, I realized how difficult it can be some times to be in touch or simply to be able to compare what the others are doing  and what they think of our creations.

Well, I was looking around on the web and thought that I too, have to share a little of what I was guided to do so far.

Every single egg of mine is signed and in limited edition, many will have instruction sheet in a near future. 

I will make sure also that my new ideas may be put on this site for you to marvel, be amazed of OR simply pull it down if need be. As long as it gives you an incentive to start up in this wonderful art, or encourage you to go an extra mile, or help you to revalue your own creation, all will be well.




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